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Vleutse Hoeve is located in township de Vleut in Best, at the Sint Oedenrodeseweg 23. Two brothers, the brothers Van Aarle, built a factory during the second world war, to produce wooden shoes. Their son, Leo had to help in the factory, when he was only 14 years old. He ended up taking over the factory, from his father. In 1975 the living area of the factory has been rebuilt, and a part of the house has since been used as a small store, from which the wooden shoes were sold. Thes days, wooden shoes are still sold there, alongside souvenirs, and local produce. People can also buy different kinds of gifts, and we can even make them to bear your name, logo or text!

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The History

Marinus van Aarle and Jan van Aarle built the factory in 1943, with bricks left over from a bombarded building nearby. It was built on the Sint Oedenrodeseweg 32, in Best. Marinus van Aarle, married Hendrica Neggers. Together they had 9 children. One of them, Leo, came to work in the factory at age 14. He married Marietje van Heesch, and they lived near the factory, in a wooden shed. Leo's sister, Paula started selling wooden shoes from the factory's house, which also functioned as a store.

In 1975 Leo bought the house and factory, from his father and uncle. After partially rebuilding the factory, an area, specifically meant for the selling of wooden shoes, was created. All these years, Marietje had helped Leo, painting, pairing and selling his wooden shoes. In 2010 the factory was torn down, and a new building rose in it's previous location. The store remains, and wooden shoes, local produce and souvenirs are still sold there. And that store, is now called the Vleutse Hoeve.

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